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    A main division of a book that contains a chapter or chapters of Amref International University's research work. This chapter(s) inclusion may extend to research work done by Amref Health Africa

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  • Universal Health Coverage 

    Gitahi, Githinji; Cashin, Cheryl (Springer, Cham, 2020-12-17)
    Universal health coverage (UHC) aims at providing quality health services for all people in a society without suffering financial hardship. UHC embodies three related objectives: (1) equity in access to health services, ...
  • Variability in the Metabolism of Proguanil to the Active Metabolite Cycloguanil in Healthy Kenyan Adults 

    Watkins, W.M.; Mberu, E.K.; Nevill, C.G.; Ward, S.A.; Breckenridge, A.M.; Koech, D.K. (Oxford University Press, 1990-08-01)
    Extensive metabolizers (EM) and poor metabolizers (PM) of the malaria chemoprophylactic drug proguanil have been identified by measuring the proguanil/cycloguanil ratio in urine following a single dose of the pro-drug. The ...
  • Chapter 1: Barriers to Behaviour Change as a Response to STD Including HIV/AIDS: The East African Experience 

    Amuyunzu-Nyamongo, M.; Tendo-Wambua, L.; Babishangire, B.; Nyagero, J.; Yitbarek, N.; Matasha, M.; Omurwa, T. (Resistances to Behavioural Change to Reduce HIV/AIDS Infection, 1999)
    This chapter is based on a regional project being implemented in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Ethiopia by the African Medical Research Foundation. The project, which targets young people aged 10-25 years, is a five-year ...
  • Chapter 37. Training Teachers for Health Workers 

    Wood, Christopher (1980)
    To develop health services so that they cover a greater proportion of the world 's population we need more health workers, and to train more health workers appropriately we need more teachers. Health workers of all kinds ...
  • Occupational Health Services in Smaller Work Places in Britain 

    Taylor, Lord; Wood, C. H. (1957)
    PERHAPS the greatest problem in the planning and running of an occupational health service on a national basis is how to meet the health needs of the smaller work places. A small work place may be defined for our purposes ...