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    A main division of a book that contains a chapter or chapters of Amref International University's research work. This chapter(s) inclusion may extend to research work done by Amref Health Africa
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Recent Submissions

  • Emerging Trends in Socio-Demographic Characteristics and their Relationship to Economic Development in Nairobi 

    Osur, Joachim (LAP Lambert Academic Publishing, 2015-04-29)
    An intricate relationship exists between economic development and maternal health. The performance of bilateral tubal ligation (BTL) marks the end to risks associated with pregnancy and maternal mortality, an indicator of ...
  • Corporate Sector Social Responsibility for Reproductive Health 

    Osur, Joachim (LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing, 2015-10-13)
    There is great benefit when public, corporate and civil society sectors work together to improve wellbeing of communities. This ideal is however fraught with myriads of challenges including suspicion and poor knowledge of ...
  • Universal Health Coverage 

    Gitahi, Githinji; Cashin, Cheryl (Springer, Cham, 2020-12-17)
    Universal health coverage (UHC) aims at providing quality health services for all people in a society without suffering financial hardship. UHC embodies three related objectives: (1) equity in access to health services, ...
  • Variability in the Metabolism of Proguanil to the Active Metabolite Cycloguanil in Healthy Kenyan Adults 

    Watkins, W.M.; Mberu, E.K.; Nevill, C.G.; Ward, S.A.; Breckenridge, A.M.; Koech, D.K. (Oxford University Press, 1990-08-01)
    Extensive metabolizers (EM) and poor metabolizers (PM) of the malaria chemoprophylactic drug proguanil have been identified by measuring the proguanil/cycloguanil ratio in urine following a single dose of the pro-drug. The ...
  • Chapter 1: Barriers to Behaviour Change as a Response to STD Including HIV/AIDS: The East African Experience 

    Amuyunzu-Nyamongo, M.; Tendo-Wambua, L.; Babishangire, B.; Nyagero, Josephat; Yitbarek, N.; Matasha, M.; Omurwa, T. (Resistances to Behavioural Change to Reduce HIV/AIDS Infection, 1999)
    This chapter is based on a regional project being implemented in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Ethiopia by the African Medical Research Foundation. The project, which targets young people aged 10-25 years, is a five-year ...
  • Chapter 37. Training Teachers for Health Workers 

    Wood, Christopher (1980)
    To develop health services so that they cover a greater proportion of the world 's population we need more health workers, and to train more health workers appropriately we need more teachers. Health workers of all kinds ...
  • Occupational Health Services in Smaller Work Places in Britain 

    Taylor, Lord; Wood, C. H. (1957)
    PERHAPS the greatest problem in the planning and running of an occupational health service on a national basis is how to meet the health needs of the smaller work places. A small work place may be defined for our purposes ...